Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We believe in the power of coaching to make a positive difference in the world.

Share your successes and struggles with a community of like-minded students who share your artistic goals on our public forums.

Our Ethos

Our Climate Commitment

Following COP26, Niche Coaches has committed along with many other global businesses to restricting our carbon footprint by approving only essential travel.

Whilst face to face chemistry meetings and even coaching sessions are acceptable provided no plane, train or car travel is involved, all 1:1, team and group coaching are no longer considered as needing essential travel.

Therefore all Niche Coaches commit to trying wherever possible to conduct coaching virtually using Zoom, Teams, and other similar apps. There are over 50,000 coaches worldwide and if all organisations and coaches also commit to doing coaching online by video rather than face to face, we will help the climate by saving huge volumes of wasted energy globally.

We live in a fast changing VUCA world where adaptability is a key requirement to all who want to thrive and contribute to the greater good in business and society at large.

Even when the going gets tough, we use our values to guide our priorities, decisions and behaviours, how we treat our customers, our world and our environment.


We seek to understand your world

Through in-depth conversation, we want to get to know you and/or your organisation to best serve your real needs

We embody expertise

We understand that you might need and want specific guidance from time to time… Great, we have the right expert for you. Over the years, we have built a strong network of experts in whatever field you might need.

We provide true partnership

Our spirit of partnership: we are in this together! We want our partners to succeed; we uplift each other. Trust is at the core of everything we do. We believe in the power of network, ongoing support and feedback.

We care about the whole person

We recognise that everything in our lives is related to one another and we want to help people in any area of their lives they might need.

Community – OURS and YOURS

Our coaches value being part of something BIGGER. We collaborate to support our clients complex needs. Our coaches also support the wider community by providing pro bono work.