At Niche Coaches we believe in specialist coaching during challenging times

At Niche Coaches we believe in specialist coaching during challenging times

About Us

The current pace of change is faster than it’s ever been and the problems each person faces increase in complexity as more and more unknown situations appear before us. Changes in technology, business, relationships, physical and mental health for example all give us very unique challenges. This new era demands that rather than having one broad coach who can help someone with all these areas, that we seek specialists with an even deeper level of knowledge, experience and expertise in their niche topic as and when we need it.

This is because they aren’t generalists who cover lots of topics but instead specialise in their particular field. Engaging a traditional style generalist coach is much like going to see a doctor. They have a wide knowledge across many topics and are quite good at almost everything.

However engaging an endorsed "Niche Coach" is much like when your doctor refers you to a specialist consultant or surgeon. When you need to get a growth removed, a heart operation or to tackle a brain tumour, you want specialist support don’t you? Such are the pressures we face in our own lives at critical life stages, that we owe it to ourselves and others to "hire the specialist niche coach".

Our Method

The traditional skills of coaching remain the bedrock of the coaching methodology, asking questions and enabling coaches to find the solutions to their own challenges and opportunities. However with “niche” coaches who specialize in one or two areas, that coach is able to help you get to the root cause more quickly, to unearth more options, better solutions, sooner.

Our Values

Work Life Integration

As a global company we partner with people all over the world and are adaptable to meet the needs of our clients’ time zones.
We flex our hours and working days to meet your needs!
In order to enable our coaches and client managers to perform at their best we also respect their flexitime and encourage them to take regular breaks to rest and do things that can help them such as exercise and mediation.
We trust our people to work in a way that ensures they can service you in the best possible manner by being at their own peak performance.

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We are a global company operating in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia Pacific region and Africa.